Mobile Crew Services

Employees learn vocational and social skills that may enable them to work in more competitive and independent jobs. Several crews provide janitorial services at various locations in the Prince William area.

Contact Information

Kim Allen

Director of Vocational Services
19143 Fuller Heights Road
Triangle, Virginia 22172

Phone: (703) 221-8787



Weavers produce woven fabric made into fashionable clothing and boutique items such as placemats, rugs, baby blankets, bears, and holiday gifts at our shop in Occoquan, Virginia. Participants are involved in the daily town routines and activities and often develop friendly relationships with other shopkeepers.

Ana Quispe, Program Coordinator, will be glad to give you an insight into their operation and fine hand woven items that are available.

Contact Information

Ana Quispe

Program Coordinator
305 Commerce Street
Occoquan, Virginia 22125

Phone: (703) 491-7422


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